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  Public Ticket #2690736


  • John Sheridan started the conversation


    I'm currently re-designing my client's site using the Salient theme. My client needs contact forms on multiple pages. I'm not seeing this within the templates. Can someone please point me to where I can gather contact forms to begin placing on pages within the design? Thank you.

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    Andrew replied

    Hi John,

    Thank you for contacting us.

    You need  install Contact Form 7 plugin and a form element will be added on the wp bakery elements .

    Follow the instructions on how to set up using this guide


  • John Sheridan replied

    Thank you. My client wants a form on all of her employee's "About us" pages as a way to contact each employee separate. They're therapists so for confidentiality form submissions need to go to individuals specifically, not to a general contact us form. How do I customize the email location forms go to on these pages for each therapist individually? Thank you!

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    Andrew replied

    Hi John,

    On contact form 7, create a separate form for each employee and configure a different email under email settings.