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Mailchimp Integration

Please see Resource link : .

User Submission

Looks like MailChimp's default popup scripts can break on WordPress sites that use jQuery/jQuery UI unless you include their embed code as the final elements before the closing body tag.

Including them in this way isn't always possible or easy with WordPress.

The code below is an alternative implementation of the loader that forces MailChimp's popup scripts to appear below all other scripts upon page load.

To use it, modify the baseUrluuid, and lid attributes with the ones from the original popup script that MailChimp supplies.

// Fill in your MailChimp popup settings below.    
// These can be found in the original popup script from MailChimp.    
var mailchimpConfig = {        
baseUrl: '',        uuid: 'a123456789abcdefghijklmno',        lid: '1abc12345a'    
// No edits below this line are required    
var chimpPopupLoader = document.createElement("script");    
chimpPopupLoader.src = '//';    
chimpPopupLoader.setAttribute('data-dojo-config', 'usePlainJson: true, isDebug: false');    
var chimpPopup = document.createElement("script");    
chimpPopup.appendChild(document.createTextNode('require(["mojo/signup-forms/Loader"], function (L) { L.start({"baseUrl": "' +  mailchimpConfig.baseUrl + '", "uuid": "' + mailchimpConfig.uuid + '", "lid": "' + mailchimpConfig.lid + '"})});'));    jQuery(function ($) {        document.body.appendChild(chimpPopupLoader);        $(window).load(function () {            document.body.appendChild(chimpPopup);        });    });