Updating Your Theme and Plugins

Updating the Theme : 

Please view our New Guide: http://themenectar.com/docs/salient/updating-salient/ .

Updating Plugins

Updating plugins works in a similar fashion, but each one is a little different. We have provided detailed instructions below on how you can ensure that all of your plugins are always up to date. This is very important as it will not only give you access to the latest features provided by each plugin, but it will also keep your site secure from potential threats.

Visual Composer

When an update for Visual Composer is available, Salient will display a prompt in the dashboard requesting that you update to the latest version. This will replace the existing versions with the ones bundled with your current version of Salient. If you don’t see an update that should be available, you may need to update Salient Theme itself. Please see Details VC update guide: https://themenectar.ticksy.com/article/5182/

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Since these plugins are managed via the WordPress Plugin Repository you will be notified when an update is available, which you can download and install whenever you choose. WordPress will handle the update process for these plugins.