Salient v13.0 Major Release (3/25/2021) is now available.

If you're on a version prior to 10.5 and are considering updating, it's important to read through our update guide before updating to ensure a smooth transition.

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Anchor Links not Working

Salient Theme: 7.x

How to solve: Browser shows undesired positioning of anchor links if/when returning from 'other' site pages.


  1. Go to Salient Options panel > General Settings > Functionality
    Check One Page Scroll Support (Animated Anchor Links) [On]
  2. Go to Salient Options panel > Page Transitions
    Select Animated Transition Method [Standard]
    Check Disable Fade Out On Click [On]
  3. Go to WP Admin: Appearance > Menus
    Each custom link must use full url path. i.e.

For more information on setting up Anchor links see: