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Nectar Flexible Slider Height Cropping Image in Responsive Screen Sizes.

Try using the Flexible Slider Height option in Nectar Slider. See screenshot: 

Also when using the flexible slider height option you have to enter the slider height based on how big your images would be at 1600px width - this will ensure the scaling is perfect with no clipping. 

  1. Make sure all your images are of the same size .
  2. To Find Slider Height as per Image use this formula: ( Image-Height / Image-Width ) x  1600px
  3. To Find Minimum Slider Height as per Image use this formula: ( Image-Height / Image-Width ) x  690px

The flexible slider height option makes the Nectar Slider respond perfectly to ensure there's no clipping on any view - leaving it off will cause the height of the slider to change only once per every viewport change (desktop, ipad, mobile) and clip variously between them.