Salient v13.0 Major Release (3/25/2021) is now available.

If you're on a version prior to 10.5 and are considering updating, it's important to read through our update guide before updating to ensure a smooth transition.

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Masonry Image Gallery

See Latest Article :  .

Follow these steps :

1: Add a Image Gallery VC Element to the Page. 

2: Choose Image Grid Style in the "Image Gallery Settings" VC Options Popup.

3: Click on the '+' sign to add the Images 

4: Select the Image you want and set the Image URL and select Masonry Sizing Option for individual Images .

5: Press Add Images when you have added multiple Images. 

Make sure to select the "Image Grid Style" in the Dropdown field named "Gallery Type" . Only then would the step 4 options show up . 

Also you need to be updated to Salient Theme Version 7.6+ as it has these Options .