Woocommerce Version 3.3.1 - Released 2018-02-06  is not compatible with Salient Theme Version 8.5.3  . 

Kindly do not Update Woocommerce and Downgrade if you have done so until a Salient Theme Update is released .

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  • Daniel started the conversation

    Hi Tahir,

    Our IT partner addressed us to 1 'Potentially Suspicious File' (see attachment). Is there any solution to solve this notification.

    Kind regards.

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    Andrew replied

    Hi Daniel,

    Thanks for contacting us regarding your query.

    This file may be have been flagged as a false positive but I will refer this over to the development team for their insight into this issue.

    Please note that I cannot provide an ETA as to the turn around time in regards to a resolution for this request, but you will be notified as soon as any findings become available on this support request 

    Please let me know if there are any more questions that I may answer for you.


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    Tahir - SUPPORT replied


    Those are just the CSS Transitions . Its likely a false alarm .