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Mobile submenu , Different Mobile Menu


  • lpday started the conversation

    For design purpose I setup the submenu to be sticky, Some pages have submenu and one of them has the top name (DJ) link to the intro of the page. But when using the sticky menu, the link is'nt working because it opens the submenu. Is there a workaround to choose to open the link OR go to the page or else, is there a way to create another menu for the mobile version ? 

    Thank you 

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    Tahir - SUPPORT replied

    Hey Again,

    To add a seperate Mobile Menu you will have to turn on the Off Canvas Menu Option in Salient Theme Options Panel -> Header Navigation -> Off Canvas Menu Section  .

    Also add this into the Custom CSS box located in your Salient Options panel (Make Sure there are no red cross in the Box) :

    /* hide off canvas menu on Desktop so a seperate mobile menu can be used */
    ul.buttons[data-user-set-ocm="1"] li.slide-out-widget-area-toggle {
        display: none !important;