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Mixed Content delivery, can't resolve in Salient


  • waxlily started the conversation


    I am having great difficulty getting my WooCommerce PayPal Standard plugin to work. One reason is likely due to the fact that the plugin will not recognize my properly-configured Dedicated SSL as secure because the page content on my Shop paged is being delivered as Mixed Content. I have installed a paid plugin to resolve the http:// delivery issues, however there are some Salient-built in links that I am unable to resolve. Is there are way to make the prettyPhoto.js link deliverable under https://? I've resolved the other issues, this is the only one that is preventing my shop from functioning. Any or all help is much appreciated, thank yoU!

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    myuption replied

    I am considering moving to https, the first instance that came to my mind was image headers, I searched them in the DB and they do not appear, I wonder if I have to edit them manually, I have around 1000 posts x.x

    Personally I'd prefer to have https running without a plugin, but some themes are not developed properly, I had to use the Really Simple SSL plugin to fix them.

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    Tahir - SUPPORT replied

    Hey Guys,

    Try using this plugin to change the links in the database to https : .

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    myuption replied

    Indeed, I found the header images in another table, thanks for the plugin, I'll give it a try.

  • waxlily replied

    I paid for the Really Simple SSL plugin Pro upgrade because the free version made me too nervous and it was before Tahir sent his recommendation. Can't remember how I handled the js link that was giving me trouble but the shop page is showing as secure now.