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  Public Ticket #175819
Can the Nectar Slider be an automatic Slideshow?


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    Vickie started the conversation

    My home page has a  nectar slider on it and I would like it to automatically switch to the next slide. How can I do this?

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    Tahir - SUPPORT replied

    Hey Vickie!

    Please go to the Theme Options ->  Home Slider Options and switch on the Autoplay Slider? . 

    See Screenshot for reference:


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    Vickie replied

    Thanks for this, It was already set to autoplay, but doesn't work,

    The slider on my home page is a nectar slider - code follows:

    [nectar_slider full_width="true" loop="true" arrow_navigation="true" location="HeaderSlide" slider_height="475" autorotate=""]

    Is a nectar slider on a home page the same as a home slider? Should I change this from to a home slider if I want it to autoplay?

    Is there some way to make a nectar slider autoplay?


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    Vickie replied

    Tried 'autorotate' and this worked. 

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    cipriano2u replied

    I'm with Viki. I'm using Nectar Slider on my home page too. Salient > Home Slider settings doesn't have an effect on my Nectar slider. 

    Can I change anything in the Nectar slicer short code. I tried setting autorotate to false but no luck.

    [nectar_slider flexible_slider_height="true" full_width="true" arrow_navigation="true" bullet_navigation="true" desktop_swipe="true" loop="true" fullscreen="false" location="homeHeroTaller" bullet_navigation_style="see_through" slider_transition="slide" slider_button_styling="btn_with_count" button_sizing="regular" slider_height="500" autorotate="true"]

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    Andrew replied


    You can edit the slider and add autorotate value.




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    cipriano2u replied

    Thanks Andrew. Although Nectar Slides doesn't have any autorotate settings. Thanks though.