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Upgraded Salient Still No Visual Editor


  • Beau started the conversation


    I uploaded the new Salient theme through FTP. If you look at the attached photo you will see it says Salient 4.03.

    Now this still hasn't fixed the Visual Editor problem, also down the bottom it says theme is broken and style sheet is missing. Where do i find that style sheet.

    Also when i had Salient 3.1 When i upgraded to Wordpress 3.9 was when i got that problem, i thought once i upgraded to the knew Theme which had all the bug fixes everything would be fine but it hasn't resolved any issues what so ever. Please can some body help perhaps go on a google hangout.

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  • Fatima replied

    Im also having problems with the visual editor!! :( I can't see half of my elements on my pages.... is there any way to go back to an older version of wordpress? 

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    Tahir replied

    Hey Fatima!

    See This tutorial on downgrading: http://etuts.org/manually-downgrade-wordpress/ .


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