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  Public Ticket #2603673


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    mateitudor started the conversation

    Hey wonderful folks,

    Is there a plan to make the Salient theme accessible? It currently fails using the AccessiBe site:

    Is there a way to add aria-labels to stuff like carousels, at least?

    Thank you in advance.

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    Tahir - SUPPORT replied

    Hey Again,

    Escalating this to the developer so he may add in a response regarding the upcoming major update.


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    fringemedia replied

    Hi Tahir, I was wondering if there is an update from the developer on the below. We have a number of clients that use the Salient theme and we need to update the sites to comply with AODA requirements in Canada. As mentioned by mateitudor the ability to add aria labels to links, buttons etc. would be a great start. 

    Many thanks.

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    Shawn replied

    I'm wondering this as well. We have a client in the education space asking for the ability to add alt, aria, and title tags on social media icons, images, and buttons among other things to make their site more ADA compliant.

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    midfieldco replied

    I am on the v13 beta and they did make some improvements but there's still a long way to go tbh.