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  Public Ticket #2672039
Shop - first page, duplicate products


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    jodyannthomas started the conversation


    The first page of my shop duplicates the first 12 products. I have tested all plugins and removed custom CSS to check for conflicts, but there are none. I have checked the public tickets and found no answer. 

    I have been trying to figure the issue out for a  few weeks now.

    Could you kindly assist?


  •   jodyannthomas replied privately
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    Andrew replied

    Hi There,

    Did this issue occur after the new Theme Update? Did you make any changes before this issue appeared?. 

    Going to escalate this to the developer so he may add in a response.


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    jodyannthomas replied

    Hello Andrew

    Thank you for the quick response. I don't think it was after a major change and definitely  not the most recent update. It has been an issue for a while now. It is just the first page of the shop. Instead of 12 products - the theme default which shows on pages 2 - 4 of the shop - I have 24 products - the second 12 same as the first twelve. I have tried deleting and changing products, plugins everything I can think of with no luck. 

    Thank you 

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    ThemeNectar replied

    Hey Jody,

    I'm so sorry for overlooking this ticket. Did you end up getting it resolved or is the issue still occurring - I don't currently see it happening on the shop here:

    Kind regards,

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    jodyannthomas replied

    Hi Andrew

    This has been resolved. I created a new page. Thank you for coming back to me. 

    Kind regards