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  Public Ticket #2685696
Incorrect colour and font display


  • Christopher started the conversation

    A few months ago we updated our website to reflect a change in brand colours, however we’ve encountered an issue that causes some display issues around colours and fonts that we’re unsure how to fix. We waited a few weeks to see whether any theme and plug-in updates would help resolve the issue, however this wasn’t successful. Your help would be greatly appreciated.

    The link to our website is

    On the surface, the website displays as it should using the new brand colours of:





    Rather than the old brand colours of:




    When viewing the site on desktop, all pages display correctly except the ‘Fieldstaff’ page (icon at the top right of the page). Once on the login page, the header navigation and footer revert to the old brand colours, which also show like this on the page that displays once you login. If you then go from this page to any other page on the website, the colours and fonts display correctly. It’s just this one area on desktop.

    If viewing the site on mobile or tablet however, there are more pages where issues occur. The header font sizes do not display correctly (especially the text overlaid the image which is too small) and the header navigation and footer revert to the old brand colours. However, on some of these pages, it still manages to correctly display the new secondary colour correctly. The following pages have these issues on mobile/tablet:

    • Strategic Planning, Feasibility Studies, Market Intelligence, Customer Service, Events and Evaluations (but not the overarching menu of ‘What We Do’)
    • Our Programmes (but not the underlying pages of ‘Customer Insights Programme’, ‘Visitor Insights Programme’, ‘Views on Tourism’)
    • Insights
    • Contact Us
    • Fieldstaff Dashboard
    • Privacy Policy (link to page located at the bottom of each page)

    I have looked through every sub-menu item in the Settings (/options-general and /options), as well as the Salient menu to try and find something that might offer a fix, but can’t find anything that looks out (something our IT Admin also confirmed). I have not done any additional CSS or other coding, and on the WPBakery Page Builder I have only used the default Elements available.

    The theme we are using is SalientChild and it is up to date, as well as all plug-ins we are currently using.

    Does anyone know how to resolve this issue so each page displays correctly with the right font sizes and brand colours?

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    Tahir - SUPPORT replied

    Hey Christopher ,

    Please update to the Latest Salient Theme Version.

    The current version of the theme is 12.1.6 and the current version of the page builder is 6.4.2. Salient versions older than v11 won't be compatible with WordPress 5.5.

    Here's the documentation on the available methods for updating Salient: Once you've updated that, the update for the included page builder will become available. Note that "Visual Composer" also renamed their plugin on Envato to "WPbakery page builder" a couple of years back.

    Here's an update guide on what to expect when jumping many major releases at once: take a read through before the update, as many things have changed.

    To get a list of Bug Fixes and new Feature addons in the Latest Theme updates view change log here .


  • Christopher replied

    Hey there Tahir,

    Thank you for your quick reply. I followed the steps you recommended and this has fixed all the issues we had faced. We had a third party provider set up our website for us and had used the "Salient Child" theme which hadn't been updated beyond V 1.0. So, I switched to the main Salient theme which is the most recent and this resolved all of the problems. 

    Thank you for your help!