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  Public Ticket #2687860
How do i edit the font and the contact icons


  • nathan curl started the conversation

    How do i edit the font and the contact icons. I would like white font on the blk background? Also, how do i put the information in the icons so the work? I would like the phone to call my number above, the email to email the email above etc? I have attached screenshots to help further understanding.

    Attached files:  Screenshot (196).png
      Screenshot (195).png

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    Andrew replied

    Hi Nathan,

    Thank you for reaching out to us.

    For the font to be white please try this css:

    .light h1, .light h2, .light h3, .light h4, .light h5, .light h6, .light p {
        color: #ffffff;

    For the email  you simply have to add the href link like this in the button :

    [button color="accent-color" hover_text_color_override="#fff" size="small" url="" text="email" color_override=""]

    For phone you need to add as shown below:



  • nathan curl replied

    For the phone and E-mail icons, all i see is the link url, so i put this in that url link, I have also sent screenshots.

    Attached files:  Screenshot (198).png
      Screenshot (197).png

  •   nathan curl replied privately
  •   nathan curl replied privately
  • nathan curl replied

    here is the  blank page the icons go to

    Attached files:  Screenshot (199).png

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    Andrew replied

    Hi Nathan

    For phone icon please input this url and replace the phone number with yours:


    For email icon, please input this url and replace the email with yours:


    We are unable to access your login page, please give s access because the login you provided seems not to be working.