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  Public Ticket #2690431
Text in front of single image


  • Troels started the conversation

    Hello again,

    we are trying to get text in front of a single image. The single image has been created using the "single image" widget and we would like to add text in front of it.

    Basically, we are trying to create a similar layout as the widget "category grid"  but with using the "single image widget" because this gives much greater flexibility in terms of layout and where each image should link to (please see the attached screen shot).

    Hence, we need to add text in front of each single image, but there is no such feature in the single image settings where text can be written or the text position can be controlled. 

    Therefore, please let us know how we can insert text in front of the image in the single image widget. 


    / Troels

    Attached files:  Salient Theme support.jpg

  •  5,651
    Tahir - SUPPORT replied

    Hey Again,

    Unfortunately we can not add text in the built Single Image Element, you can achieve this layout by adding an image in the background of the inner row for your section and then add a text element in it, I am sure it will help you out achieving the layout you want. The below attached screenshot will help you.