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  Public Ticket #2691189
Show only primary category on thumbnails


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    markomitranic started the conversation

    Hey there team,

    so, my website uses built-in wordpress categories system for posts. The main feature of this system being that i am able to select multiple categories for a post, as well as mark one of them as a primary category.

    The post blocks, hero headers, thumbnails, and page builder blocks always attempt to show all categories, which very quickly gets weird.

    The expected behaviour is to show all, UNLESS the primary is selected, if a post has primary category, show only it.

    Is there a hook i could use to amend this, or another mitigation strategy?

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    markomitranic replied

    Hello Dear ThemeNectar,

    Are there any updates on this? It has been two weeks without a word from you.

    Should I at least expect the bare minimum of getting a "no." response?

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    ThemeNectar replied

    Hey Mark, I apologize that this ticket was overlooked - I'll have to check with the support staff, but I assume it was a mistake. Ticksy will automatically close a ticket which has not received a new comment after a set duration.

    All in all, the customer support does not answer for weeks, even months, at all. It was too much to expect them to do the bare minimum of acknowledging that there is a ticket at all. In some cases, they didn't even read the ticket at all (out of pure lazyness) and tried to close it.bigsmile.png

    I have reviewed all the tickets associated with your account on here and can't find others which have been ignored for extended durations, as you've stated in your recent review. Each of your tickets appears to have been responded to on average within a day per response, and the bugs which you reported on the following tickets ( 26318322640436 ) have been corrected in the current beta for the upcoming major release. Would you like the most recent version of that? The official release will be coinciding with WP 5.7. 

    If there are other open tickets which you have not received a response to in a timely manner, please share the ID of them here.


    In regard to this current ticket, It sounds like you're referring to a feature which is a part of the Yoast plugin. The primary category is used internally by the plugin for breadcrumb purposes and is not a part of the WP core. I have tried to test with the primary category feature from Yoast locally and don't see the default WP theme providing the expected behavior you pointed out. Can you kindly verify that the default WP theme does in fact limit the front-end category display to the primary on your end? 

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    markomitranic replied

    Ah! How nice it is that I get a response minutes after writing a bad review on ThemeForest.
    Is that what it takes?
    Should have done that ages ago then! :)

    Thanks for your reply, as always, we start off on the wrong foot and play our little game of cat and mouse where I ask a question. Then i get a non-answer. Then I ask again. Then i get another - and eventually this leads us to the real answer. 

    Perhaps my question was too verbose, I'm used to talking to engineers and as such had simply tried to explain my intent in hopes of getting a faster support answer, since Salient has been terribly un-extensible so far. 

    Let me try to skip the chase this time, heres the only answer I need:

    Does Salient, or does it not, have an action or another type of hook that one could use to change category label logic?


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    ThemeNectar replied

    In the future, if you're querying about developer level items, you can request to have your ticket escalated from the initial comment. Otherwise, it will be up to the support agents to determine that as the ticket progresses - and they usually attempt to answer themselves before escalating an item.


    The category list is generated from the default WP function "get_the_category". There is no Salient specific hook to alter that, but you can easily use the "get_the_categories" filter which WP calls within the function to alter the results:

    add_filter('get_the_categories', 'salient_child_mod_cat_list');
    function salient_child_mod_cat_list($cats) {
        // your $cats list altering logic.
        return $cats;
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    markomitranic replied

    Magnificent response, thank you!