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  Public Ticket #2691333
Making menu item text bold when active


  • roughprada started the conversation

    Hello, is there a way to change the style of the menu item text to bold when the page is active? As you can see in the photo I used the underline style when active, I would like to also make it bold.

    I tried to change the CSS using Google inspector but I can't seem to find the right class/ID.

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    Andrew replied

    Hi There,

    Please send your website url.


  •   roughprada replied privately
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    Andrew replied

    Hi there,

    Use the following custom css in Salient > General settings > CSS/Script related:

    #top nav ul li.current_page_item a {
        font-weight: 900;

    Kind regards.

  • roughprada replied

    Thank you that works perfectly!