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Recent post featured image not displaying


  • Martin started the conversation


    I'm having an issue with blog thumbnails (featured images) on the Salient theme. When I create a "Recent Post" section with the "Classic Enhanced Alt" style, featured images won't display. Single post background, which should be filled with the featured image, has only solid gray color instead. 

    It used to work fine. However, one day it just disappeared. When I tried adding different "Recent Posts Section" from templates, the featured images started to display on the front-end editor, but not on the actual page that the user can see.

    I also tried a solution mention here, which didn't work https://themenectar.ticksy.com//ticket/536516 . However, I adjusted the CSS so it looks like this: 

    span.post-featured-img img{
        display: inline-block !important;

    and the featured images started to appear, but twice, and in different resolution. (screenshot 74)

    Turning of the caching plugin also didn't work, and I don't have active CDN for this sub-domain. I will send login details in the replay. 

    Thanks in advance for your help! 

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  •   Martin replied privately
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    Tahir - SUPPORT replied

    Hey Martin,

    I checked the issue, but it seems to be working fine for me, please reset your browser cache and follow the articles below. 

    1. Please clear your cache using this guide: https://themenectar.ticksy.com/article/6226/ 

    And also please check these screenshots the images are shown properly here.



  • Martin replied

    Hi Tahir,
    I tested the issue in another browser and also in incognito mode, but it still displays as before. I feel it shouldn't be displayed like this. I believe the proper way is that the featured image should fill the background:


    The first-row displays posts with two overlapping images: one is in original aspect ratio + the second fills the background. Weirdly, the second row displays only one featured image, which is in the original aspect ratio. 

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    Tahir - SUPPORT replied

    Hey Again, 

    I also tried and checked sometimes after cache reset the first row display's two images, you are right with that, let me forward this issue to the development team so that they can resolve it at earliest.


  • Martin replied

    I wanted to check whether there is any new update on my issue?
    Thanks so much!

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    ThemeNectar replied

    Hey Martin, my apologies for the delay on this ticket!

    The issue is being caused by third party lazy loading logic, which is removing the background image and inject a regular HTML img tag, which Salient is not providing styling for. It seems to only change the markup on images outside the initial page view, which would explain why the first row appears normally. I didn't try deactivating any options or plugins to narrow down the specific one, though my guess would be SG optimizer. Could you try to temporarily disable that to see if it corrects the issue?

    Thanks in advance 

  • Martin replied

    Hi, I can confirm that it is caused by SG Optimizer.

    When I turn both Lazy Load Thumbnails and Lazy Load for Shortcodes off, the thumbnails load just fine. 



    Thanks to everyone in ThemeNectar Team for your help! 

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    ThemeNectar replied

    Glad we could help Martin!smile.png