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  Public Ticket #2694150
custom css


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    Rodney started the conversation

    I have added a shortcode to nearly 60 pages of my site. (See attached screenshot.) This shortcode shows / hides content based on user permissions. I had to add the shortcode in Classic Mode so that I could hide the actual row (and not just the row content).

    Now, I find that I need to add additional custom css to each page. Is there a way to add custom css to a page while editing in Classic Mode? If I switch over to the Visual Editor, my shortcode will be stripped and I will need to add it back to nearly 60 pages. I would like to avoid that.

    I can't add the custom css in Salient > General Settings > CSS / script related, because there is custom css on the page that overrides it.


    Attached files:  classic-mode.png

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    Andrew replied

    Hi Rodney,

    I am afraid, in salient you have to add the css code in  Salient > General Settings > CSS / script related for the changes to take effect.


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    Rodney replied

    Thanks Andrew!