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  Public Ticket #2695085
Portfolio | Remove Title Animation


  • TakeAPicSeb started the conversation


    I try to manage a Portfolio Style in two different ways, depending if customers are on desktop or on mobile. To do this I use as Portfolio Projet Style the "meta on hover + entire thumb link" from scratch for the desktop version, and I use some specific css rules for the mobile version. All works almost perfectly.

    But I would like to remove the "fade in from top" effect that appears hovering a portfolio project on my mobile version. Is this possible ?

    Thanks in advance for your response.

    Sebastien C. 

  •  1,652
    Andrew replied

    Hi There,

    Looks like it's already sorted. How did you go about it please?


  • TakeAPicSeb replied

    Yes it seems that explaining my issue help me to resolve it ^^

    I wrote specific css and more specifically the transform and transition properties.

    Thank you anyway for your response