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  Public Ticket #2696486
WPbakery and shortcodes


  • runemaxx started the conversation


    I´ve been deleting my entire site and wordpress installation many times now. I Also went with only installing Pbakery and Salient Core, and testet demos ect.

    Im used to develop in this theme, I had it since I could only use the backend. All my plugins, salient and wordpress itself are up to date. Core plugins installed and teste firstly. Dont work suddenly.

    When entering WPbakery it looks wrong, it misplaces the content in the mode. When I edit text to apply Nectar shortcodes I cant get it work, it shos up blank, and some times when I do get the text to appear, it does not shot up correctly. It makes 1/3 collum in one collum only. Or it does not show up. I´ve tryid in backend, in text, and in HTML, nothing works. 

    I´ve tryid hat i could, I cant simply understand why a fresh install with only the 2 core plugins wont work. The demo starts up fine, but the moment I try to do Shortcodes or enter WPbakery it wont work. Can you please help me. 

    Attached files:  error.JPG

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    Tahir - SUPPORT replied

    Hey Again,

    From the Screenshot it seems the Plugins have not copied over correctly and could be missing some files.

    Please confirm your PHP Settings are correct:

    Also allow us to log in to your website backend dashboard so we can check on this for you more?. We are gonna need the username and password of admin user as well as the login url.