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Carousel sometimes doesn't show up on mobile and disappears just when scrolling through items on both mobile and desktop


  • Hailey Deabler started the conversation


    I have a carousal with 6 items (all testimonials) that recently have been disappearing when scrolling through items or sometimes the items don't show up on mobile at all even though the heading for the carousel is there. Any ideas? It is located near the bottom of our homepage. 

    Thanks in advance! 

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    Tahir - SUPPORT replied

    Hey Again,

    Please update to the Latest Salient Theme Version.

    The current version of the theme is 12.1.6 and the current version of the page builder is 6.4.2. Salient versions older than v11 won't be compatible with WordPress 5.5.

    Here's the documentation on the available methods for updating Salient: http://themenectar.com/docs/salient/updating-salient/#methods Once you've updated that, the update for the included page builder will become available. Note that "Visual Composer" also renamed their plugin on Envato to "WPbakery page builder" a couple of years back.

    Here's an update guide on what to expect when jumping many major releases at once: http://themenectar.com/docs/salient/important-salient-update-for-new-envato-requirements/ take a read through before the update, as many things have changed.

    To get a list of Bug Fixes and new Feature addons in the Latest Theme updates view change log here http://themenectar.com/changelogs/salient.html .


  • Hailey Deabler replied

    Dear Tahir,

    Thanks so much. I updated Salient and WPbakery page builder but the carousel with our testimonials still disappears when scrolling through. Any other possible fixes?

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    Tahir - SUPPORT replied

    Hey Again,

    The Block Editor WP core file is causing the issue: 

    1190900837.pngClick to View Larger Image.

    Add this into the Custom CSS box in your Salient Theme Options panel (We write all Custom CSS in the Live Browser to ensure accuracy. If you cannot see any changes, make sure there is no red cross in the Custom CSS Box as any syntax error would cause all CSS under that line of code to not show up on the Frontend):

    .is-dragging {
        display: block !important;


  • Hailey Deabler replied

    Dear Tahir,

    Thank you so much! That worked perfectly. I appreciate all your help!