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  Public Ticket #2701082
icons not loading on cell phone


  • nathan curl started the conversation

    The issue I am having is parts of the icons in the theme will load up when you log onto my website on a computer but the icons wont show on a cell phone? How do I fix it, to where you can see the icons on a computer? I have sent two screenshots, one that shows the icons in question on a computer. the second screen shot is showing what it looks like when you go to my website on a cell phone, you can see that the icons arent there like they show on a computer.

    Attached files:  computer that has icons.png
      phone_screenshot that has no icons.jpg

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    Andrew replied

    Hi Nathan,

    Please try installing this plugin and see if that fixes it: .


  • nathan curl replied

    okay I installed the plugin and it still does not work on mobile unfortunately.

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    Tahir - SUPPORT replied

    Hey Again,

    Were you able to rule out a Third party plugin conflict ? 


  • nathan curl replied

    no i have a bunch of plugins though, i dont know how long its been like that either . To be honest i just got rid of the rows and columns. I think it doesnt look as good but at least it works across all platforms i guess, without having to deactivate and reactivate 100 plugins.