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  Public Ticket #2702204


  • anazkhan started the conversation

    Hi can I use the same license for a subdomain website ?

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    Andrew replied

    Hi There,

    The Licence only work on one domain, you have to purchase a new licence for a new domain.


  • anazkhan replied

    for multiwebsite also do we need to buy new license ?

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    Tahir - SUPPORT replied

    Ye for each domain you will have to purchase a new Regular License.


  • Nina Thompson replied

    Do you have to get another license for a subdomain? 

    We have a license for and now just added a subdomain 

    Also need to know how to install in a subdomain when it's already in the theme folder but I can't see it in the installed plugins list.

  •  1,652
    Andrew replied

    Hi Nina,

    We only get a new license for every new domain.

    About the second part, I would recommend you to contact your host provider for more details.


  • Nina Thompson replied

    Hi Andrew,

    We have the Salient files in our themes folder but it's just not showing up in this Wordpress subdomain. It is working fine in our main site It is also failing when I try to upload it through the Wordpress plug in installer. Not sure godaddy can help.

  • Nina Thompson replied

    I might have figure it out. I had to install by going to Appearance/Themes and not plugins. Thank you for your attention.