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  Public Ticket #2703878
Nectar Slider missing elements


  • Kevin started the conversation

    HI - on a couple of sites where we use Salient the nectar slider has started acting up - in the admin when creating or updating slides changing the featured image is buggy - doesn't always "stick" and the slide link/buttons element isn't showing the button to switch and for some users editing those fields also isn't saving. This started happening about 2 days ago - wondering if it is related to the jquery deprecation in the latest wordpress 5.6.1 version as we have seen a lot of issues with that. Hoping I'm not the only one seeing this. 

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    Tahir - SUPPORT replied

    Hey Again,

    We patched this, Please update to the Latest Salient Theme Version.

    The current version of the theme is 12.1.6 and the current version of the page builder is 6.4.2. Salient versions older than v11 won't be compatible with WordPress 5.5.

    Here's the documentation on the available methods for updating Salient: Once you've updated that, the update for the included page builder will become available. Note that "Visual Composer" also renamed their plugin on Envato to "WPbakery page builder" a couple of years back.

    Here's an update guide on what to expect when jumping many major releases at once: take a read through before the update, as many things have changed.

    To get a list of Bug Fixes and new Feature addons in the Latest Theme updates view change log here .


  • Kevin replied

    Thanks Tahir - much appreciated as always.