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  Public Ticket #2707132
Timeline display


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    Evie Pham started the conversation


    I wonder if Salient has any element that allows creating a timeline (to display company history with years as milestones?

    I remember Salient used to provide such element (around 2017-2018) but I may be mistaken.


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    Andrew replied

    Hi Evie,

    Thanks for keeping touch.

    There is a milestone element in wpbakery page builder:



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    Tahir - SUPPORT replied

    Hey Again,

    Please look at our pre-built layouts as you can find all page elements in there: .


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    Evie Pham replied

    Thanks for the swift responses.

    However, the solutions suggested are not what I'm looking for (please see a quick draft attached) 

    What I want to have includes a horizontal line with multiple "dots" on it. Each dot is linked with a year number, under that is a description text. It's also called like "horizontal event timeline" or "history sliders".

    Could you please assist again?


    Attached files:  Screenshot 2021-03-03 at 14.11.45.png

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    Tahir - SUPPORT replied

    Hey Again,

    The closest we have is the "Icons List" Page Element. You can find the Pre-built icon lists to quickly test them out.

    7716352324.pngClick To Open Larger Image.