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  Public Ticket #2708701
Email Opt In


  • RestoredbyLife13 started the conversation

    Hello, is there any native integration for email opt in forms, aside from adding a custom html within a column.

    I am currently using "get a response" for my email services. 

    Inputting a custom html for the custom opt in form doesn't flow well with the theme and doesn't auto adjust for different screen sizes like the beautiful options within salient's templates.

    Basically asking is there a more fluid integration option for email service/email opt in templates that you guys created for salient/theme nectar/wp bakery?

    Love the theme, thank you in advance for the assistance!

  •  5,651
    Tahir - SUPPORT replied

    Hey Again,

    We use this plugin: in our Ecommerce Ultimate demo as its supports the Page Builder elements.