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  Public Ticket #2710427
Interactive Map Hover Information


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    alnasser started the conversation


    We are wanting to use your Interactive Map (Leaflet) to display about 200 properties in the U.S.  We would like to be able to add a website link in each pin's hover info popup, but whenever we try to do this within the "Map Marker Locations" Settings, it "breaks" the map (hides all the pins).  

    Here is what we are trying to do for each pin:

    26.523500|-81.873530|Pine Meadows Apartments, Fort Meyers, FL <a href="" target ="_blank">Visit Property Website</a>

    Is is possible to add a URL in the pin hover box?  What about adding an image (with HTML)?

    Thank you in advance for your time!


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    Andrew replied

    Hi Alnasser

    Unfortunately, there is no such option available at the moment. You will probably have to use a Custom Google Map and embed it using an Iframe in Salient. See url: .


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    alnasser replied

    Hi Andrew,

    Thank you for your quick response!

    Darn - we really wanted to use the pretty Salient map!

    We'll just develop in Google or use a plugin.

    Think you'll add the capability to insert HTML into the map pin tooltip information in a future release?  It would be great!

    Thanks again,


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    Andrew replied

    Hi Allison.

    Yes, sure we will include this on our wishlist.