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  Public Ticket #2711123
Lay out options


  • Michiel started the conversation

    Hi there, I love to work with Salient, but do not yet know all details. In order to boost my News pages, I want to understand how one can create and influence the layout for the blog/news page(s). I have imported the "Corporate Creative" demo site, and see in the message "Ambrose Redmoon" that the quote turns to the standard color (general settings) if nothing hovers over it. I have not yet discovered where and how you can set that effect of the colors, and on what level that is. Is it individual message level? On global leveL/ No clue here :-(.

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    Tahir - SUPPORT replied

    Hey Again,

    Please see our Template Library , Salient Studio on Layout ideas regarding the Blog Posts: .

    The Colors in the Theme are defined in the "Accent Colors" Tab here: 

    4163761069.pngClick To Open Larger Image.