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  Public Ticket #2743624
Layout Modification


  • PabloGLucio started the conversation

    Hello there,

    I've just purchased the theme and I have a simple question. I've installed the Minimal Portfolio demo, but I would like to get the full-width layout like the one you show here:

    How could I do it?

    Thank you very much,


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    Andrew replied

    Hi Pablo,

    You can use the pre built layouts from salient studio as shown below:



  • PabloGLucio replied


    Thanks for your quick answer. It's great to get support so fast!

    I've checked the Salient Studio prebuilt layouts, but what I want is more like the full width demo from the URL that I've posted in my previous message. I. e., the layout from Salient Studio has round corners and all the thumbnails have the same height. I would like to get it just like the "Full widht Layout - Bottom Left Meta Material". 

    I've attached a couple of images for you to understand me. Hope it helps! 

    Attached files:  no.png

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    Andrew replied

    Hi Pablo,

    You can head to row settings and set the layout as a full width content as shown below: