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  • Begoña started the conversation

    I am trying to install de .zip file but I am recieving the message that the file is "out of date". I have made the purchase today.

    (I am not new with wordpress)

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    Noah replied

    Hi there,

    You might be using the wrong zip file.
    Could you use the Installable WordPress file only option when downloading the theme files like shown here https://themenectar.ticksy.com/article/8259

    If you still get the error then see if you hosting provider support can assist with this.
    And we are assuming its an install not an update.


  • Begoña replied


    I am still having problems to do it that way - I have upload the file through ftp and working ok!


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    Noah replied

    Hi there,

    We are assuming you are okay and you managed to install the theme. Please confirm with a yes or no.

    The issue with the zip might be caused by your wordpress \ PHP settings. Maybe check with your hosting provider. The installation files only options is better since its only one zip  instead of the other options where the zip you download contains another zip inside that you use to install.