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Off Canvas Menu - Make a border


  • Pix83 started the conversation


    I've a question: I would like to put a line in my OFF CAVANS MENU.
    Is it possible? Attaching an image to explain myself better.
    Thanks for any help and sorry for my english.

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    Judith replied

    Hi There,

    Thanks for keeping in touch.

    Please try this css:

    #slide-out-widget-area.slide-out-from-right-hover {
        border-left: solid red 10px;


  • Pix83 replied

    Thank you Judith!
    You were very fast!

    The change (of course) works, I add it to the page:
    Custom CSS.

    One question (if you can help me): I installed the "Wordpress Add Custom CSS" plugin and it always worked for edits, but not for this one in particular. In your opinion, why?

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    Judith replied

    Hi There,

    We have not tested our theme with the plugin you mentioned, we have tested with plugins such as code snippets plugin that you can use as an alternative.