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Can you make a horizontal list call to action button larger?


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    twotonecreative started the conversation

    Is there a way to increase the button size when using the horizontal list feature?

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    Judith replied

    Hi There,

    Thanks for keeping in touch.

    Please send in your website URL so that we can provide css for it.


  •   twotonecreative replied privately
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    Tahir replied

    Hey Again,

    Add this into the Custom CSS box in your Salient Theme Options panel (We write all Custom CSS in the Live Browser to ensure accuracy. If you cannot see any changes, make sure there is no red cross in the Custom CSS Box as any syntax error would cause all CSS under that line of code to not show up on the Frontend):

    body .nectar-hor-list-item .nectar-list-item-btn {
        font-size: 18px !important;
        padding: 20px !important;


    ThemeNectar Support Team