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Background video not playing on Ipad


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    Josée Tremblay started the conversation

    Hi, I have a background video on a row, but on I pad, it doesn't play even though the Ipad's settings playing are enabled. There's a play button that doesn't even work. Everything is fine on Iphone.

    Do you have any clue?


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    Tahir replied

    Hey Again,

    - Please convert the videos and then add them as per their appropriate file format: http://themenectar.com/docs/salient/page-builder-row/#video-background.

    - Make sure they are in 16:9 ratio for the mobile to render them correctly.


    ThemeNectar Support Team 

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    Josée Tremblay replied

    Hi Tahir,

    you helped me again! The link you gave me helped me out. it was the Ipad that was in power-saving mode, because when it was fully charged, the video played.

    Have a good day!