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Portfolio editing


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    T20_Vision started the conversation

    Hi, I recently purchased the Salient theme, and so far so very good.

    However, I am trying to edit the imported portfolios to suit our projects, but I can't figure out where the images and text I need to change are. In the edit page is just a lot of code, is there a visual editor to this part? Any help would be appreciated as it's the only issue I have encountered so far.

    I have attached a few screen shots.

    01 shows the code (I found where to edit the text)

    02 shows how it displays

    But it's all the imagery I can't find to change.

    Many thanks

    Attached files:  theme help01.JPG
      theme help02.JPG

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    Tahir replied

    Hey Again,

    Be sure to enable the page builder for the Portfolio Projects in here:  

    6427364571.pngClick on Image to View Larger


    ThemeNectar Support Team 

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    T20_Vision replied

    Thank you Tahir. Much appreciated.