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Space between image and text


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    Rick started the conversation

    I'm not finished populating the ACFs but in the grid page I'm using there's a huge gap between the image and the text . I looked at the Grid builder and there's no pixel padding in the settings of any of the current elements. , there's an extra row in the grid that doesn't allow for its deletion. I tried extra css and js to resolve this to no avail 

    Attached files:  Screenshot 2024-07-09 at 16.43.30.png
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      Screenshot 2024-07-09 at 16.42.52.png

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    Judith replied

    Hello Rick,

    Thanks for writing to us.

    To assist you better, we'd love to have a closer look at your setup and to do this, we'll need admin login credentials 

    (dashboard URL, username, password) to your site. This will enable us to conduct a more in-depth investigation of the issue based on your specific configurations. Would you mind sharing this with us? 

    If you prefer, you can safely share the access through a one-time secret note or using an access plugin such as Controlled Admin Access.

    Before you provide this information, we strongly recommend taking a backup of your site.

    If you have any concerns or questions about this process, please don't hesitate to let me know.

    Best regards,

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    Rick replied

    I can give you login info here, that secret site thing seems like it requires creating an account. ugh,  .. or provide a simpler way other than a plug in , so many plugins I've been having to put , omg lol 

    I'm backed up 

  •   Rick replied privately
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    Rick replied

    any luck? thanks 

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    Judith replied

    Hello Rick

    Thanks for your patience thus far.

    I am still working on this issue in consultation with my colleagues. 

    I request you lend us a bit more time to look into it.

    Once we have an update I will promptly let you know.

    Best Regards.