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Remove the Back to Overview Button from our Blog


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    Dominik started the conversation


    we use the Salient Theme for our website an blog. In the main header from the blog post there is a button called "Back to Overview". Unfortunately this button contains javascript: "javascript:history.back()"

    We want to remove this button from all blog posts. Is that possible? We can't find the right option in den theme settings. 

    Kind regards


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    Andrew replied

    Hi Dominic,

    Thank you for getting in touch.

    Add this into the Custom CSS box in your Salient Theme Options panel (We write all Custom CSS in the Live Browser to ensure accuracy. If you cannot see any changes, make sure there is no red cross in the Custom CSS Box as any syntax error would cause all CSS under that line of code to not show up on the Frontend):

    body #page-header-bg .inner-wrap >a {
         display: none!important;

    Try this and let us know how it goes.


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    Dominik replied

    Hey Andrew, 

    awesome, this works perfectly! Thank you so much. 

    Kind regards

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    Andrew replied

    Hi Dominik,

    I'm happy that we could assist you! If you haven't already, please consider sharing your experience by leaving a review on ThemeForest. Your feedback is valuable to us and greatly appreciated!