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Mandig Demo content   Salient - Responsive Portfolio & Blog Theme   Updated Just now   6 Most recent comment from Mandig:Sorry to bother you again Tahir but I found out that the code is working correctly if I put it inside the header.php file in the main theme folder.  I had lots of problem copying the entire header.p ... Bannett Marketing Business Theme Testimonial   Salient - Responsive Portfolio & Blog Theme   Updated 1 hour ago   7 Most recent comment from Bannett Marketing:I went through the checklist.   No change switching to parent theme No change after WP 4.7 re-install No change after deactivating all plugins (except Salient_VC) No change after deletion of exist ... Garrett Bodman Display Portfolio in a Toggle Panel   Salient - Responsive Portfolio & Blog Theme   Updated 2 hours ago   3 Most recent comment from Garrett Bodman:Hey Tahir, Thanks so much for the reply. I tried the js code in the google analytics...  no luck. Here's the URL: http://redesign16.wms-mietservice.de/ and here's the WP admin login: http://redesign ... Bren Burrell Nectar slider full screen display   Salient - Responsive Portfolio & Blog Theme   Updated 2 hours ago   5 Most recent comment from Bren Burrell:Hi Tahir I remember seeing that red cross in the middle of a tiny thumbnail somewhere, but where? And what does it mean? That custom css has working. Why? If the slider does not have parallax set on ... Janice Sullivan salient visual composer   Salient - Responsive Portfolio & Blog Theme   Updated 2 hours ago   1 Most recent comment from Janice Sullivan:the plugin isn't working  when i enable it  it crashes my site  please help   i did upload the latest version of salient via filezilla and i'm still having problems   bluehost said my php is up t ...