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KayZ RTL   Salient - Responsive Portfolio & Blog Theme   Updated 5 minutes ago   7 Most recent comment from KayZ:Hi Andrew,  The elements are there, it seems fine...  ssyddall Page Submenu styling   Salient - Responsive Portfolio & Blog Theme   Updated 6 hours ago   1 Most recent comment from ssyddall:When using the "Page Submenu" element I've found there is no way to style individual "Menu Links". I tried going into Classic mode and adding styled spans to the Menu Link I wanted to change which wor ... Paul Fine grey line between nectar shortcodes   Salient - Responsive Portfolio & Blog Theme   Updated 17 hours ago   3 Most recent comment from Paul :Sorry I updated it in the meantime... You can see the same line between the text and the button, and I still can't find how to remove it. In the code, the button is a nectar shortcode in the same text ... John contact page   Salient - Responsive Portfolio & Blog Theme   Updated 21 hours ago   3 Most recent comment from John:Tahir I have a new request but each time I try and post I get a message saying theat the prurchase code is incorrect? Baranya Janos Contact Form 7   Salient - Responsive Portfolio & Blog Theme   Updated 23 hours ago   2 Most recent comment from Andrew Cooke:Hi Baranya, Apologies for the late reply. We logged in and disabled the WP Google Map Pro plugin as it was interfering with the salient visual composer plugin's google map element. We also set the ove ...